Database Inserts

These inserts are meant for integrating MyVD with relational databases. The primary insert for integrating with databases is the JDBC Insert with additional inserts being used for mapping and database updates.

JDBC Insert

The JDBC insert is used to expose a relational database through MyVD. This insert only supports a single objectClass and rdn for each configuration of the insert.

Class Name net.sourceforge.myvd.inserts.jdbc.JdbcInterceptor
Scope Search
Configuration Options driver The JDBC driver to use
url The JDBC connection URL
user The database user to connect as
password The password to connect with
rdn The LDAP atribute used as the rdn for all objects generated
mapping Comma sepperated list of ldap=db mapping of attributes
objectClass The objectClass for all octs created by this insert
sql The SQL use to determine what objects this insert will generate. This SQL must include all attributes included in the mapping configuration
maxCons The maximum number of connections, default is 5
maxIdleCon The maximum amount of time a connection can remain idle before closing
useSimple true or false, utilizes the "simple" SQL, mutch better performance but only the value of multivalued attributes in the filter are returned

Database Table Update

This insert contains the logic to update a single database table. It is configured BEHIND a database insert in order to utilize that insert's connection pool and mapping.

Class Name net.sourceforge.myvd.inserts.jdbc.DBTableUpdate
Scope Add,Modify,Delete,Rename
Configuration Options tableName The name of the table to update in the database
dbInsertName The name of the insert used by this insert

DB Groups

This insert is used when groups stored in a relational database are stored with a name and not a full DN. This plugin will create the DN to make it LDAP compliant.

Class Name net.sourceforge.myvd.inserts.jdbc.DBGroups
Scope Search
Configuration Options memberAttribute The name of the attribute that represents members (ie uniqueMember)
suffix The member suffix (ie ou=groups,dc=domain,dc=com
rdn The name of the rdn attribute (ie uid)

Composite Attribute Insert

Often with relational databases a full, or "common", name is not stored as a single field but is rather stored as a first, or given, name and a last, or sur, name. Since LDAP typically expects there to be a composite attribute that has both pieces in a single attribute. This insert can also be used to create user ids based on a person's name.

Class Name net.sourceforge.myvd.inserts.jdbc.CompositeAttrib
Scope Search
Configuration Options attribute The name of the final composite attribute
components Comma sperated list with the following format : "attribute:[#
properCase true/false, true if the composite attribute should be forced to lowercase
objectClass The objectClass for objects that the mapping should be performed on