Mapping Inserts

These inserts are general mapping inserts Certain mapping inserts are specialized for databases or directories. These specialized inserts are documented with their respective categories.

Attribute Cleaner

This insert ensures that the attributes requested by a search request are the only attributes returned to the user. This insert is usefull when additional attributes are added to an entry for meta data purposes but should not be returned to the user.

Class Name net.sourceforge.myvd.inserts.mapping.AttributeCleaner
Scope Search
Configuration Options None

Attribute Mapper

The attribute mapper insert is used to map the names of attributes. For instance it could map uid to samaccountname. This insert works on attribute names in both entries, dns and filters.

Class Name net.sourceforge.myvd.inserts.mapping.AttributeMapper
Scope Search,Add,Modify,Delete,Compare,Rename
Configuration Options mapping Comma seperated list of attribute maps. For instance "uid=samaccountname"

Attribute Value Mapper

The attribute value mapper is used to map one entry value to another. For instance mapping "objectClass: inetOrgPerson" -> "objectClass: user".

Class Name net.sourceforge.myvd.inserts.mapping.AttributeValueMapper
Scope Search,Add,Modify,Compare
Configuration Options mapping Comma sepperated list of mappings in the form of "attribute.curvalue=newvalue". For instance "objectClass.inetOrgPerson=user

Composite Attribute Insert

The composite attribute insert is designed to create a singe attribute from multiple attributes. Uses include creating a CN attribute from the givenName and sn as well as creating a uid from the same two attributes.

Class Name net.sourceforge.myvd.inserts.jdbc.CompositeAttrib
Scope Search
Configuration Options attribute The name of the attribute that will be created (ie uid or cn)
components Comma seperated list of component attributes with a colon to determine how much of the attribute. The length of the compoenent can be a number, fs for the first space, ls for the last space and * for the entire attribute. ie "givenName:1,sn:*"
properCase true or false. This configurate determines if the first letter of a component should be upper case on inbound transactions and lowercase in outbound transactions.
objectClass The objectClass that this insert will apply to.

DN Attribute Mapper

The DN attribute map the bases of DN attributes (such as uniqueMember or manager)

Class Name net.sourceforge.myvd.inserts.mapping.DNAttributeMapper
Scope Add,Modify,Search
Configuration Options dnAttribs The name of all attributes that are DNs
urlAttribs The name of all the attributes that are LDAP URLs
remoteBase The remote base to be mapped from
localBase The local base to be mapped to

SetRDN Insert

This insert allows for the RDN of an entry to be changed. For instance if the current RDN is the "CN" attribute this insert can change it to the "uid" attribute.

Class Name net.sourceforge.myvd.inserts.setrdn.SetRDN
Scope Search,Add,Modify,Delete,Rename,Bind
Configuration Options internalRDN The current RDN attribute name.
externalRDN The RDN attribute that will be presented