Web Services Inserts

These inserts assist with integration with web services. Currently the only web services supported by MyVD are DSMLv2 and SPML via the LDAP Insert. The below inserts assist with integrating with those services.

Create SPML Identity

The SPML identity insert is designed to create an LDAP compliant DN for use with the LDAP insert in SPML mode. SPML does not require a full DN as a name (it can for instance use a userid or an email address), but LDAP does. This insert ensures that the DN for the user object has the correct RDN for SPML while being LDAP compliant.

Class Name net.sourceforge.myvd.inserts.idm.CreateSPMLIdentity
Scope Add, Modify, Delete
Configuration Options type The SPML identity type (ie GenericString
attribute The attribute that will act as the source for the RDN data
keepNameAsAttribute true or false if the rdn's attribute will remain on the user object

Flatten Namespace

This insert removes components from an LDAP DN and can optionally store them in the user entry.

Class Name net.sourceforge.myvd.inserts.idm.FlattenNamespace
Scope Add, Delete
Configuration Options attribsToRemove Comma sepperated list of attributes to remove from the DN
attributesToStore Comma sepperated list of attributes in the DN to store in the user entry