Using SQL To Work With LDAP

While LDAP provides a standard interface for interacting with directories, it does not provide a standard query language the way most relational databases do. The Structured Query Language (SQL) is a mostly standard set of commands that allow for searches, additions, and updates of a database in a way that is consistent across vendors. The JDBC-LDAP Bridge, first created by Octet String and now owned by Oracle, provides this interface directory servers and servers. There are two main components to the JDBC-LDAP Bridge:

  1. The JDBC LDAP Driver - The Type IV JDBC driver used to connect to directory services using LDAP, DSMLv2 and SPML and provides SQL support
  2. The SQL Diectory Browser - A browser built using the JDBC-LDAP driver that allows for they typing of SQL commands to interact with directory services and relational databases.

While the JDBC LDAP tools are owned by Oracle and maintained at MyVirtualDirectory provides support for JDBC connections inside of inserts in order to make it easier to develop inserts. Enclosed is documentation for both using the bridge and the browser.

JDBC-LDAP Downloads