Running the MyVD Unit Tests

MyVD is tested using JUnit tests. Each test is responsible for setting up any external resources, creating any needed data and the cleaning up. The unit tests requires the following software:

  • Java 1.6
  • OpenLDAP
  • ANT with JUnit

Before running the unit tests, there are two environment variables that must be set:

PROJ_DIR The directory the MyVD source is installed (ie /path/to/MyVD)
SLAPD_PATH The directory where the slapd executable is
SCHEMA_DIR The directory where openldap's "schema" directory is

Running an Individual Unit Test

An individual unit test can be run by running the "single-test" task with the switch "-Dcmd.testclass=com.mytest.Test" where "com.mytest.Test" is the full package and class name for the test class.